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Plexus is a wellness company that offers a range of health and nutrition products, focusing primarily on gut health, weight management, and personal care. Their membership program, known as Plexus Ambassadors, grants exclusive advantages to members. By becoming a Plexus Ambassador, members can not only purchase products at wholesale prices but also have the potential to earn income through the company’s multi-level marketing structure.

Key features of Plexus membership include:

  • Wholesale Pricing: Members enjoy significant discounts on Plexus products, which means savings on high-quality supplements and health products.
  • Earning Opportunities: As an Ambassador, members can earn commission on sales made to customers and bonuses from building their own team of Ambassadors.
  • Exclusive Perks: Membership often comes with early access to new products, special promotions, and potential to earn rewards such as trips or exclusive items through sales incentives.
  • Community Support: Plexus Ambassadors benefit from a supportive community and resources that provide training and personal development opportunities.

Being a Plexus member could be particularly appealing to those interested in entrepreneurship within the health and wellness sphere, as well as individuals seeking to improve their own health while promoting the same to others.

If you are considering canceling your Plexus membership, it’s important to know the different options available to you. Whether you want to cancel online or through other methods, this article will guide you through the step-by-step process.

Option 1: Complete the Cancellation Form

If you decide to cancel your Plexus membership within 60 days of your annual membership fee renewal, you can complete the Cancellation Form. By doing so, Plexus will refund the charge and cancel your account. This option allows you to receive a reimbursement for any fees already paid.

Option 2: Log into your Plexus Account

Another method to cancel your Plexus membership is by logging into your Plexus account. Once you’re logged in, go to your profile located in the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Subscription’ and click on ‘View & Edit’ next to the subscription you wish to cancel. Finally, click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ to complete the process.

Option 3: Cancel your Credit Card

If you want to ensure that your Plexus membership is effectively canceled, you can choose to cancel your credit card and get a new one. Additionally, it is recommended to email your contact at Plexus to inform them about your cancellation. In the event that Plexus continues charging your new card, you can dispute the charges with your bank.

Option 4: Cancel Product Subscription

For those who have a product subscription, canceling it is a separate process. To cancel your product subscription, sign into your Plexus account on After logging in, navigate to ‘My Subscription’ and click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ to finalize the cancellation.

Choose the option that suits you best to cancel your Plexus membership. Whether you prefer completing the cancellation form, accessing your Plexus account, canceling your credit card, canceling a product subscription, or using Beem, each method will help you effectively cancel your membership.

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