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How to Cancel your Orangetheory Membership Step-by-Step




If you are considering canceling your Orangetheory membership, there are several methods you can follow to ensure a smooth cancellation process. It’s important to note that Orangetheory requires a 30-day notice for membership cancellation, and you will be charged for one more month after submitting your cancellation request.

Here are the step-by-step methods for canceling your Orangetheory membership:

1. In Person:

  • Visit your home studio and inform the customer service staff that you want to cancel your membership.
  • They will provide you with a cancellation form to fill out.
  • Make sure to adhere to the 30-day notice period to avoid any additional charges.

2. By Phone:

  • Call your home studio and request to cancel your membership.
  • Provide your name, email, and other necessary details during the conversation.
  • Confirm the 30-day notice requirement and inquire about any specific instructions they may have.

3. By Mail:

  • Write a letter to Orangetheory requesting the cancellation of your membership.
  • Include your name, phone number, email address, membership ID number, and the last 4 digits of your credit card.
  • Send the letter to your home studio’s address and ensure it reaches them within the 30-day notice period.

4. By Email:

  • Request a cancellation form from your local Orangetheory Fitness gym along with their email address.
  • Complete the form accurately, providing all the required details.
  • Send the form to their email address within the 30-day notice period.

Remember, canceling your membership in person or over the phone does not incur any cancellation fee. However, it’s essential to comply with the 30-day notice period to avoid being charged for an additional month after your cancellation.

Please note that deleting the Orangetheory mobile app does not cancel your membership subscription. It’s necessary to follow one of the methods mentioned above to ensure a proper cancellation process.

How to Request a Refund for Your Orangetheory Membership

If you have canceled your Orangetheory membership and are looking to request a refund, there are a few steps you can take. It’s important to note that refunds are generally not offered after canceling a membership. However, there may be exceptions depending on your specific situation. Here are some possible reasons for requesting a refund:

1. Medical Reasons: If you have an illness or disability that prevents you from working out, you may be eligible for a refund. In this case, provide Orangetheory with a note from your doctor explaining your situation.

2. Billing Error: If you were charged incorrectly or double-charged for your membership, you should contact your local studio to discuss the issue. Provide them with the necessary details and any supporting documentation. They will assess the situation and determine if a refund is warranted.

3. Unsatisfied with Service: If you are unhappy with the service provided by Orangetheory, it’s important to communicate your concerns with the studio management. Explain why you are dissatisfied and give them an opportunity to address the issue. If they are unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you may request a refund.

4. Other Reasons: If you have another valid reason for requesting a refund, be sure to explain the situation to your local studio. They will review your case and make a decision based on their refund policy and their discretion.

It’s important to keep in mind that refund policies may vary between studios, and they have the final say on whether to grant a refund or not. If you are unable to resolve the issue with your local studio, you could consider reaching out to Orangetheory’s customer service through their website or filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

When requesting a refund, it’s crucial to provide all the necessary details, supporting documentation if applicable, and be clear about the reasons for your request. Being polite and professional in your communication can also help in obtaining a positive resolution.

In case you have any specific concerns or questions regarding the cancellation process, it’s advisable to reach out to your home studio or consult their customer service for assistance.

By following these step-by-step guidelines, you can successfully cancel your Orangetheory membership and avoid any complications during the process.

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