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How to Cancel Your Youfit Membership Step-by-Step




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If you’re looking to cancel your Youfit membership, you have two options: in-person cancellation or certified mail. Here’s a step-by-step guide for both methods:

In-Person Cancellation

  1. Visit your Youfit gym location: Start by going to the Youfit gym where you signed up for your membership.
  2. Inform the front desk staff: Once you arrive at the gym, let the front desk staff know that you want to cancel your membership. They will guide you through the process.
  3. Fill out the membership cancellation request form: The staff will provide you with a membership cancellation request form. Fill it out with the required information and make sure to provide accurate details.
  4. Pay any outstanding fees: If you have any outstanding fees, make sure to settle them before canceling your membership. Additionally, there is a $10 cancellation fee that must be paid.
  5. Provide a 10-day notice: Keep in mind that the cancellation requires a 10-day notice. Any fees due within this notice period must be paid for the cancellation to occur.

Certified Mail Cancellation

  1. Write a letter: Prepare a letter containing your name, the date, your billing address, and the last three digits of your membership number.
  2. State your request: Clearly state in the letter that you wish to cancel your Youfit membership.
  3. Send via certified mail: Send the letter via certified mail to your Youfit gym location. This way, you’ll have proof of sending and delivery.

Please note that the terms of your membership agreement will always take precedence over the information provided here. You can find a copy of your membership agreement at the club or online at

How to Avoid Paying the Cancellation Fee at Youfit

If you want to avoid paying the cancellation fee at Youfit, you may have some options. While Youfit’s policies may vary, they may consider waiving the cancellation fee under certain circumstances. Here are a few situations where you may be able to avoid the fee:

  1. Financial hardship: If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can reach out to Youfit and explain your situation. They may be willing to work with you and waive the cancellation fee.
  2. Medical reasons: If you have a valid medical reason that prevents you from using the gym, such as an injury or illness, provide documentation to support your claim. Youfit may consider waiving the fee in such cases.
  3. Relocation: If you are moving to an area where there are no Youfit gyms, Youfit may waive the cancellation fee. Provide proof of your relocation, such as a lease agreement or utility bills.
  4. Other reasons: If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from continuing your membership, explain your situation to Youfit and see if they can waive the fee.

Remember, the decision to waive the cancellation fee ultimately rests with Youfit, and they may have specific policies and requirements. It’s best to reach out to your local Youfit gym and have a discussion with them to explore your options.

Requesting a Refund from Youfit

Before requesting a refund from Youfit, it’s crucial to review the terms of your membership agreement, as refund policies may vary. In general, all fees for membership are non-refundable. However, there are a few instances where Youfit may offer a refund or credit:

  1. Cancellation within a certain time frame: If you decide to cancel your Youfit membership within a specific period after signing up, typically within 3-7 days, Youfit may offer a refund.
  2. Illness or injury: If you need to end your membership due to illness or injury, Youfit may provide a credit or refund towards future membership fees. Be sure to provide relevant documentation, such as a doctor’s note, to support your claim.

To request a refund from Youfit, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your local Youfit gym: Reach out to the staff at your local Youfit gym and explain your situation regarding the refund.
  2. Provide necessary documentation: If you have any required documentation, such as a doctor’s note or proof of cancellation within the specified time frame, provide it to support your claim.
  3. Request a refund: Request a refund based on your circumstances and the policies outlined in your membership agreement.

It’s important to note that refund eligibility will depend on Youfit’s policies and your specific situation. There is no guarantee of receiving a refund, but by communicating openly and providing supporting documentation, you may increase your chances.

Remember to be respectful and understanding when discussing these matters with Youfit’s staff. They are there to help but are also bound by company policies.

In conclusion, canceling your Youfit membership can be done through either in-person cancellation or certified mail. Be sure to follow the specific steps outlined for each method and consider the terms of your membership agreement. If you believe you have valid reasons, such as financial hardship, medical reasons, relocation, or other extenuating circumstances, you can try to avoid the cancellation fee or request a refund. Contact your local Youfit gym, explain your situation, provide any necessary documentation, and request the appropriate action based on your circumstances and their policies.

Remember, each situation is unique, and while this article provides a general guide, it’s essential to consult with Youfit directly to understand your options fully.

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