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How to Cancel Fitness 19 Membership Step-by-Step




If you’re looking to cancel your Fitness 19 membership, you have two options available: in-person cancellation or cancellation via certified mail. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process for both methods.

In-Person Cancellation

  1. Visit your local Fitness 19 gym during staffed hours: Find the nearest Fitness 19 gym and check their operating hours. Make sure to visit during the staffed hours to ensure assistance is available.
  2. Request to speak with a gym manager or staff member: Once you’re at the gym, ask to speak with a gym manager or any staff member who can assist you with the cancellation process.
  3. Inform them of your intention to cancel: Let the gym manager or staff member know about your decision to cancel your membership. Provide any necessary information they may require, such as your member barcode number (key tag) and personal details.

Cancellation via Certified Mail

  1. Write a cancellation letter: Compose a cancellation letter addressing your local Fitness 19 location. Include the following information:
    • Your member barcode number (key tag) with Fitness 19.
    • The reason for cancellation.
    • Your full name as registered with Fitness 19.
    • Your email address on file with Fitness 19.
    • Your address, including the zip code, as registered with Fitness 19.
    • Your date of birth.
    • The last four digits of your driver’s license.
    • The last four digits of your social security number.
    • Your username and password if you are registered online.
  2. Send a copy of the letter to ABC Financial (if applicable): If your Fitness 19 location uses ABC Financial as their billing company, you should also send a copy of the cancellation letter to them. Fax the letter to ABC Financial at 501-992-0802.
  3. Send the letter via certified mail: Send the original cancellation letter to your gym location via certified mail, and request a return receipt to confirm delivery.
  4. Follow up and confirm: After sending the letter, follow up with Fitness 19 to ensure that your cancellation has been processed. Additionally, be prepared to pay any additional cancellation fees that may apply.

Before proceeding with cancellation, review your membership agreement to familiarize yourself with any terms and conditions related to cancellation. It’s also advisable to contact Fitness 19 directly by phone to discuss your specific cancellation details. You can find the phone number and address of your Fitness 19 location on their dedicated page on the official Fitness 19 website.

Please note, the refund policy for Fitness 19 memberships may vary depending on your specific membership type and contract terms. Refunds are generally not provided for membership fees that have already been paid. Prorated refunds for unused months may be possible for annual contract holders canceling within a specific timeframe. To obtain detailed information about Fitness 19’s refund policy, review your contract or contact their customer service department at (719) 591-9100.

Keep in mind that this information is subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to verify the cancellation process and any associated fees directly with Fitness 19.

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