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How to Cancel Hubble Contacts Step-by-Step




If you’ve decided to cancel your Hubble Contacts subscription for any reason, you’ll be glad to know that the process is straightforward. Whether you want to switch to a different contact lens provider or have completed your desired duration with Hubble, follow the steps below to cancel your subscription:

Step 1: Log in to your Hubble Member Portal

Go to the Hubble Contacts website and log in to your Member Portal using your registered credentials. This portal is where you can manage all aspects of your Hubble subscription.

Step 2: Navigate to the Unsubscribe Button

Once you’re logged in, locate the Unsubscribe button. You can usually find this option in the account settings, billing, or subscription section of your Member Portal.

Step 3: Confirm Cancellation

Click on the Unsubscribe button, and a confirmation message will appear on the screen. To proceed with canceling your Hubble Contacts subscription, select Yes, I’m sure. This step ensures that you are intentionally canceling your account.

Step 4: Contact Hubble Customer Service (Optional)

If you prefer to cancel your subscription through direct communication, you can reach out to Hubble’s customer service team. Give them a call at +1-844-334-1640 (USA) or 1-647-557-7765 (Canada) between 9 AM and 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday, excluding bank and public holidays. A customer service representative will guide you through the cancellation process.

Alternatively, you can chat with a customer service agent or send an email to to request cancellation assistance.

Additional Considerations:

  • Continuous Subscription: Keep in mind that Hubble Contacts subscriptions are continuous, meaning they will automatically renew unless you cancel your account.
  • Billing Period: Your Hubble account will remain active until the end of the paid billing period, even after canceling your subscription.
  • Avoiding Additional Charges: To avoid being charged for the next month’s box, it’s essential to cancel your subscription before the upcoming billing date.

Remember, canceling your Hubble Contacts subscription is a personal choice, and following the steps above will guide you in completing the process smoothly.

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